About Us

PCX Energy Services LLC an Ohio based group of professionals with a shared passion for identifying bottom line savings and reducing energy costs.

We were founded to help organizations develop environmentally responsible business practices and reduce their carbon footprint, while focused on reducing overall operating costs. Today, PCX brings together a dedicated team of professionals that can help your organization improve performance, add value, and reduce environmental impacts.

We are unique in the way we integrate environmental opportunities, business opportunities, company culture, and leadership into a program that will yield long-term value but based upon real investment returns.

Martin A. Klammer

Marty has an extensive background in design engineering, manufacturing, operations management and regulatory compliance. Throughout his career, he has held key engineering and management positions with a number of leading manufacturers within the aerospace, HVAC, marine controls and automotive industries. Marty earned his Juris Doctor and Bachelor of Industrial Engineering from Cleveland State University.

Mark A. Di Lillo

Mark is a seasoned operations executive with a background in many diverse industries ranging from aerospace to polymers. Prior to PCX, Mark was President and CEO of Endura Plastics, Inc. which specialized in the design, manufacture and assembly of critical safety products for the HVAC and automotive industries. Mark has a Bachelor’s of Science in Engineering from Cleveland State University. His Board affiliations include Endura Plastics, Inc., PolymerOhio, Inc. and PCX Holdings LLC.