PCX Energy Services Methodology

PCX Energy Services understands the challenges that companies face in today’s competitive environment. We have developed a practical approach to connect real savings with a company’s energy and sustainability initiatives. We can help create an integrated assessment, planning, education and monitoring program that is tailored to meet specific needs.

Our approach is unique and planned in discreet phases and is completely objective and transparent. We share our knowledge, insight and expertise. Engage us a step at a time and build on each previous step. This method focuses on goals that will reduce costs,  reduce risk and improve operations.  We want to help you develop a program that not only reduces your environmental impacts, but also increases profits and long-term brand value.

By combining our engineering and business experience we have developed a proven, practical methodology for plan development. We focus on strategies that make good business sense.

Assessment and Analysis

PCX takes a unique approach to evaluating your organization’s energy consumption impact and opportunities. Our Phase One Assessment provides a comprehensive review of your current operations.

This assessment is a powerful tool, raising awareness within your organization, facilitating communication and understanding, and setting the stage for meaningful, measurable change. Our standard assessment includes:

  • Assess energy consumption
  • Perform a general operational evaluation
  • Review Solid Waste and Recycling Inventory

A comprehensive Energy and Sustainability Report will be supplied which provides a snap-shot of your current business to share with management, employees and stakeholders.

Develop Energy/ Sustainability Plans

In Phase Two, PCX Energy Services builds upon the Energy and Sustainability Report and gathers measured data to develop a comprehensive Audit of your facility and operations. This phase requires extensive monitoring, investigation and observation. The result is a complete and prioritized plan, essentially a road map for the implementation of energy savings and sustainability initiatives.  This plan focuses on issues  important to your business  but always focused on bottom line results.

We will:

  • Conduct a Comprehensive Audit
  • Monitor Energy Use and Waste
  • Establish and Energy Sustainability Plan
  • Identify Real Opportunities for Savings

The custom Energy/Sustainability Plan will focus on maximizing your return on investment.

Prepare and Define

PCX Energy services will assist in developing a prioritized plan for “triple bottom line” savings in Phase Three.  We will prepare project work scope and solicit multiple proposals from qualified resources to implement the project according to the Phase Two Energy/Sustainability Plan.

We will:

  • Prepare the implementation strategy
  • Define the work scope for each project
  • Assist or identify qualified resources
  • Manage the bid process

Project Management, Program Monitoring and Reporting

As part of Phase Four, PCX Energy Services will manage, implement and verify results.  In addition we have developed a simple yet very effective way to measure and report your progress. Our Energy/Sustainability Monitoring Scorecard (ESMS) can be customized to your plan goals and reporting systems. In can be updated on an annual basis.

We can help you with:

  • Project Management and Implementation
  • Annual Verification and Measurement
  • Scorecard Monitoring
  • Stakeholder Reporting